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Capricorn Daily Horoscope

You are in a sociable mood. Go out and be with others. This is an ideal moment to make some new and useful connections. Take care to avoid theft or accidents though and don't lose focus on what's going on at home. Deal with domestic troubles as they arise, looking to relatives for help. Take time off to mend fences at home. Your home life feels more troubled than usual but you are needed by your family as a source of inspiration and honest advice. Your loved ones have stood by you through thick and thin. Always keep in mind that wanting people to dance of your order would only make matter worse.Domestic affairs may be a little messy. A feeling of being unsupported, unaided, or too independent might grab hold of you for the time being. Expressing your feelings or your need for others is hard to do at the moment. Treat this period as a time when you are learning to rely on yourself.

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