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Aquarius This Week's Prediction

You may find yourself worried about relationships now, a romantic one most of all. Work through what you can diplomatically. It may be time to move on and face an impending break-up. If feeling lonely, reach out to friends and family. Stay the course with your daily work routine. You are making great strides and your efforts are gaining attention. Don't get pulled into futile competition with an enemy. Instead, continue to display your considerable leadership skills. You may soon be rewarded with a rise in rank or status. A raise may be headed your way! Invest any new funds wisely.It's time to wind up your to do list. This is an ideal moment to resolve utility bills, remove clutter and improve your job profile. Add a health check up to your list to ensure that it don't get neglected and that all medical issues get attended on time. Working skills and general health are a main focus right now. You are destined to take on some extra burdens. You are feeling concerned about the well being of family, dependents, colleagues. Take care of those dearest to you but don't lose sight of your own health. An overburdened schedule would not be helpful or healthy for you right now.