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Aquarius This Week's Prediction

Face relationship problems head on. Talk through a difference of opinions and remain diplomatic. Evaluate what can be done to make amends and be ready to walk away if needed. Travel is a possibility now and would allow you the chance to research some new spiritual paths of interest to you. A father or father figure may need or other assistance. At work, you've been under scrutiny for some time and now you will receive the positive feedback you've been hoping for. Savor your reward, be it a raise, promotion or just the glory of a job truly well done.Your temperament plays an important role now, helping you sort out decisions about yourself, your work and your family. Maintaining a calm attitude and standing firm are mandatory now. Listen to your instinct now and you will be well served. It might even seem at some point that things just cannot go wrong. Your achievements affects your family and personal relationships as well. Media professionals will do well now and you may have the opportunity to travel. Your sphere of influence is enormous. Your ability to dream will determine how much you accomplish.