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Aries This Week's Prediction

A small journey may be necessary now. If so, be ready for some delays and complications as you get on the road. Communication is pivotal now. Work to resolve conflicts with siblings, colleagues or neighbors as they arise. Pay close attention to your finances. Achieving a financial balance is important so don't give in to temptation to buy some flashy items that has caught your eye. You may need to use that money soon on a sudden repair or may find yourself awaiting payment for work or service performed. Opportunities surround you but you may need to go looking for them.You are ready to speak aloud something you've been mulling over for awhile. Self expression comes easily now. You feel sharper intellectually, more observant. Relationships are pivotal now. Share time for siblings, neighbors, classmates and casual friends. It is likely that you will initiate discussions during this period, evaluate your appearance and the impact you have on those around you. Professional activities may become so all encompassing it feels like a one person show! Don't get overboard. You are feeling passionate about your work but need to avoid letting your work totally consumer you. Make time for those closest to you.