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Aries This Week's Prediction

You find yourself called into many meetings this week. Business deals require your input and deliberation. Health issues are on your mind so make appointments as needed or engage in some research. A recent setback, perhaps a monetary one, is causing you some stress. Avoid vices and instead try meaningful self care, exploring options such as meditation or even travel to gain a new perspective and enjoy a change of scenery.You may be feeling surprisingly detached right now as you contemplate complex decisions. It may be necessary to really evaluate the relationships you are in. Overexertion may have left you feeling like you are losing control. Patience and diplomacy are essential now. Obstacles can be resolved in all spheres in effective communication is used. Complimenting your partner or spouse could be a positive step. Remember to work as a team. Find out what your partner expects from you in the partnership. Share your expectations as well.Instead of listening to what others have to say, you could end up interrupting them and making assumptions. Alternatively, you could find others doing the same to you. This is not a good day to make important decisions, as your thinking simply isn't clear. You could be quick on the trigger when it comes to verbal reactions to others, and you may seriously lack diplomacy at this time. You might find yourself doing the opposite of what you are told or what you normally think is best! Information that you receive now could lead you to take a wrong turn or action. This is not the best time to take a trip.