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Cancer This Week's Prediction

Avoid risky financial decisions now. A monetary loss or loss of income could ensure if you engage in speculation or gambling. Find ways to use your creativity now, especially for self exploration and addressing personal conflicts. A father figure may need or offer you help now. Letting go of ego may help in a relationship that has become difficult. If trying unmanageable, it may just be time to let a connection go. Look for consolation and answers in spirituality. Religious ideas speak to you profoundly now.Speak out loud the ideas that you've been mulling over. You feel confident and ready to take on debates. You are ready to really focus in on your professional goals now. Take care not to become obsessive and continue to meet with new people with fresh ideas to offer. Your presence will help make others feel more intensified and motivated! Relationships with others are critical now. Make sure that you save time to spend with friends, family, siblings and other. Avoid becoming a "one man show." Reach out to others and you will be pleased with the outcome.