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Cancer This Week's Prediction

You find yourself at a spiritual crossroads, unsure what path to choose. Make time for introspection and meditation as you move ahead. Health should be a priority now. Don't delay on making needed appointment and be cautious in order to avoid being a victim of an accident or theft. Now is a time to seek out family, especially elders with wisdom to share. Be part of a larger social group may hold limited appeal. Rest and quietude are in order so you can confidently move forward. You are thinking a lot about your career and business matters during this phase. Effective communication at work is essential now. You speak with authority and are accountable for what and how you communicate. Your ideas may become public now. Use the power of words to influence authority figures. This is an excellent time to develop professional strategies or skills. Your advice may be sought out as you are approachable and reliable. Multitasking is likely in managing your career. Don't give into excessive worry and you will find success.