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Cancer This Week's Prediction

Follow your intuition now. An idea or creative plans may just need to be reinforced with some additional research. While work may be causing some uneasiness, unexpected income or an inheritance will set your mind at ease. Avoid any risky ventures or gambling. Instead, enjoy recreational time with family, especially children and elders, who will take your mind off any setbacks and get you in touch in a positive way with your personal past. Be diplomatic in your relationships now. Some connection may be ending but try and resolve what you can and if needed, walk away without ill will.Passion, sex and intimacy mean a lot to you right now. You may be letting go of some relationships, causing sadness, but good times await you with much cherished friends and loved ones. Tend to your health to make sure it is not a hindrance. Spend wisely so you have the resources to engage in the fun you are after. You are ready for some light hearted, jovial bonding experiences. Sometimes it's difficult to approach a partner, especially if it's a long standing relationship that has deteriorated. A regularly scheduled sit down together is definitely a good idea.