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Capricorn This Week's Prediction

This is a time of new beginning for you. Try out some new project that's been on your mind. Some change to your outward appearance gives you a renewed sense of confidence. Connect with others in new social groups or join a club to new some networking among friends, old and new. Be careful with valued worldly possessions now to avoid being victim of theft or loss. Some introspection allows to you assess your strengths and weaknesses. Prioritize relationships, especially with family and close friends. Enjoy a new activity or a new setting with them.A time to get new insights into your friends, goals, and ambitions. You may reconnect with an old friend, or you might wonder why you once wanted something and how this is related to some unusual assumptions. It's a great time for forming some interesting public relationships, and harvesting something from the past in a new form. The space between people working together is filled with conflict, friction, strife, exhilaration, delight, and vast creative potential. Find ways to recombine several old ambitions in a new package. Widening the vistas of your very existence is what this week makes you do. You still extend warmth and friendship, as well as cooperation at work. In any case, you are now in a mood to make long-lasting decisions and stand by them. Allow space for the ideas you haven't had yet, and for the ideas of others.