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Gemini This Week's Prediction

Competition at work may be causing you stress or conflict. You worry that your reputation is on the line. Allow yourself needed distractions from your stress by spending leisure time with loved ones. Amusement or recreational activities with children would be especially reviving. Continue to work hard and be mindful of all those dependent on you. Avoid risky speculation now. Instead, trust that hard work and applying yourself fully to the tasks of your daily routine will lead you to success. Be diplomatic when sharing your creative insights with others.It's party time ahead. Romance, music and plenty of entertainment are headed your way. Pamper yourself. You deserve special treatment for all the efforts you have put in. It's also time to plan for a new endeavor. Your attitude and resourcefulness make it easy to diffuse even the most difficult situations. Your hard work and sincerity helps you overcome any situation. Personal relationships will flourish now. Bonds of friendships or even marriage are on the horizon. Cherish those closest to you now. They have stood by you in the past. They deserve your time and attention now.