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Leo This Week's Prediction

Car or home repairs may be inevitable this week. Attend to requirements at home. Domestic peace will allow you to pursue the opportunities ahead of you. A father figure may require your help getting through a difficult situation. Take a break however and whenever you care by getting a chance of scenery and spending some time outdoors. Avoid risky ventures. While waiting on some held up payment make safe monetary decisions and avoid gambling on anything. Spending time or funds on higher education would be a sound investment.Those in needs have your empathy now. You are ready to serve others and in doing so will develop a new sense of self. Finding great joy at work and home gives life a sense of euphoria now. You feel enthusiastic about the tasks before you, reading to take suggestions and make interesting changes. Fun and excitement prevail on the domestic front. You are ready to change routines and exchange ideas with friends and family or for that matter, any like-minded person. Trust your intuition now. It will guide you on the right path, personally and professionally.