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Leo This Week's Prediction

You find yourself required at numerous meetings this week. A purchase or business deal requires your attention. Legal agreements take precedence now. An important decision needs to be made so be sure to discuss it over with your spouse or significant other. Keep the peace at home by dealing with conflicts or misunderstandings as they arise. A change of scenery would alleviate your worries over someone who does not wish you well. Be cautious with money now, avoiding any risky ventures. You may feel pulled in different directions this week. You may experience love and hate in equal measure so be prepared for this contradictory feelings to hit you at once. Relationships are pivotal now, both the making and breaking of bonds. A break-up or a separation may be avoidable if you are able to remain diplomatic and truly talk things through. Work to see others' viewpoints and handle matters with compassion. Work as a team and you will find success. The only meaningful competition that exists is with yourself.