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Libra This Week's Prediction

A change of travel plans may leave you feeling distressed. You are eager for a change in location or status. Money is on your mind as you consider your income and your expenditures. Though overindulging would be a mistake, it might be time for a fashion update or a new hairstyle. Use your passion for the arts and music to express yourself. Time spent with family and friends will bring happiness to you now. A mentor or father figure may look to you for support right now. Freely give back to those who have generously given to you.It's time to examine your persona, your health and even your body language. Look into the way you project yourself in public. Face your conscience. Indeed, it's also time to examine your financial situation, including the money you are making. Analyze relationships, including your marriage. You may be gullible to incorrect decisions regarding your career or investments so choose wisely. Don't let emotions rule you right now. Creating a firm schedule helps you achieve a better work-home balance. The law of Diminishing Marginal Utility (DMU) is also applicable to life. If you overdo things, the returns start to dwindle after saturation point has been reached.