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Pisces This Week's Prediction

Be sensible in your spending now. Avoid risky investments or purchases. Sudden domestic troubles may prompt you to visit hospitals or medical settings. Offer consolation and support to family members in need, especially elders and siblings. Relationships are of vital consequence now and that includes forging some new ones. Travel outside of your well worn social circles to connect with interesting new contacts. This networking may lead to some change and upheaval. Keep an open mind about an opportunity. After a period of introspection, it is time to seize the good luck in front of you. Many stand beside you, supporting you and wishing you well.“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” -- You are now concerned with the past and your own private matters. You are more apt to remain silent as you look inward and into your own history, searching for answers. Don't waste your energy on guilt, however. Learn what you can and attempt to move on. Research, meditation and contemplation may all serve you well right now. Use what you find to make some attainable goals. Be honest about your limitations. These restrictions are temporary and will give way to future success.