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Pisces This Week's Prediction

You are looking for answers now, perhaps feeling cut off from the world at large. Look to spirituality or towards visions offered in dreams for guidance. Attend to your health, both physical and emotional. Quiet time spent at home or in nature would aid in feeling recharged. It may be time for a large scale investment, perhaps buying a house or a new car. A parent or grandparent figure may need or offer assistance now. Focus on being attentive so you don't miss what's right in front of you. Look for happiness where you can find it. The connection between your mental strength and creative expression will blossom. Your critical thinking skills serve you well now and connect you to others. Your sense of humor displays itself in lively conversations. Innovative ideas are now taking shape. Romantic interest are also on your mind. Games and time with children keep you feeling lively and invigorated. Let your intellectual prowess show. You are ready to face any mental challenges or puzzles that come your way. Make the most of all situations. You have the confidence and poise to show others your worth.