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Pisces This Week's Prediction

Your charisma earns you plenty of attention now from friends, old and nw. This is an ideal moment for networking so jump into a new club or group and meet some new people. You may encounter a potential teacher or mentor who will connect you to fascinating new spirtiual insights. Check in with a parent figure who may need companionship or assistance now. Make your health a priority, taking special care to examine your food choices. Travel is a possibility now, either short term or a longer journey. Use this trip as an opportunity to learn something new and strengthen some relationships.You will take a new look at your future, life journey, or your spiritual quest. A great time to review something you learned in the past, or for going back to school. If you and your partner are having trouble communicating, look at possibilities without having to be too specific. Missing appointments and other forms of forgetfulness could be part of the picture now. It's a time to notice the little things that will affect your future to come, and experiment with different applications of your wisdom in a wide variety of situations. The activities of the social circle you move in will add largely to your mental expansion — perhaps in the input of fresh, new ideas and long-term planning. You may even go on a pilgrimage — perhaps in a group. An important week! But much will depend on how you use the opportunities that are coming your way.