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Sagittarius This Week's Prediction

Money may be on your mind now, as you are facing with items in need of repair. Take care of what must be replaced or addressed now. A short journey, perhaps with a cousin or sibling, may be in the works now. A sense of opportunity awaits you. Enjoy a concert or play. Communication is pivotal now. Aim to listen more than you speak. Reach out to a neighbor who may need or offer assistance right now. Stay in touch with important individuals in any way possible, via email, phone or text.This is an ideal time to absorb information from your environment and the people in it. If you are feeling distracted, let yourself branch out some. Break away from a humdrum routine. Your mind is especially inquisitive during this cycle. Learning, short trip and communication all appeal to you now. Multi-tasking may be required. Talking or writing can help alleviate any stress this time brings. Whatever form it takes, reaching out will be crucial. It will help not only within your personal interactions but also your finances and professional life.