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Sagittarius This Week's Prediction

A recent setback may have encouraged you to engage in self destructive behaviors. Now is the right now to make a change. Find time to be alone and to examine the options ahead of you. Tend to your health, both emotional and physical. Do some research to determine what comes next. Look to the advice of relatives or spiritual mentors. Quiet meditation woulld serve you well. Some travel may be needed to engage in a mission that gives your life purpose. Invest money, especially a recent inheritance, wisely to avoid being the victim of fraud.You are listening to your instinct now. Your sense of perception allows you to pick up clues from those around you. This week seems most favorable for financial planning or new strategies. Your perceptiveness will serve you well in controversial matters, including intimate conversations. Money matters are essential now, as you are interested in spending some quality recreation time with friends. Look at the areas that are problems for you. Chances are these are areas that could benefit from some extra support.