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Scorpio This Week's Prediction

You may find yourself at a spiritual crossroads, unsure of what your current beliefs are or what ideals you should follow. Spend some time exploring new ideas, through formal education or time spent in nature. Relationships may now require a lot of you. Someone close to you is experiencing a stressful ordeal and may require your advice and support. Don't put off repairs or renovations but instead resolve the spend money on the most pressing issues. Establishing peace of mind is most important to you now. Attending to matters at home will give you a sense of happiness and satisfaction. Be attentive to all those who depend on you.This week favors increased concentration and the retentive mind. Your thoughts revolve around personal matters -- family, friends and loved ones. Family matters or discussions of the past may dominant your conversations now. In order to achieve your best work solitude may be required. Try to relax and concentrate. Direct conversations are best and offer you a chance to speak aloud your concerns about health or home issues. This phase indicates a busy schedule with a full workload. Learn to manage pressure as they arrive. Strive not for perfection, but for excellence.