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Scorpio This Week's Prediction

This is a time of good fortune for you, one that puts you in touch with your personal strengths. Travel or deep diving into books is a likelihood now -- for leisure or for finding answers. This journey leads to new learning experiences or a different career path. Your spiritual beliefs may broaden now as you engage in some purposeful introspection. Take care to pack well for this trip and to pay close attention to your health. Check in at home and make sure to assist a relative, perhaps a mother figure, who is in need of your assistance.Large scale projects and ideas appeal to you now. The daily grind feels uninspiring. You are ready to learn, to accumulate knowledge wherever and however you can. A conversation with a relative or a distant friend completes the picture. You are interested in holding in depth conversations and debates about philosophy. Pay attention to the big picture and you will stay on task. You've got a lot on your plate right now so be wary of lapsing into forgetfulness. This phase holds engaging experiences for you to relish.