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Taurus This Week's Prediction

You now enjoy a change in rank and status. A recent work evaluation includes a glowing report of your managerial ability and leadership skills. You may be rewarded with a raise or bonus. Enjoy the accolodates offered to you but continue to work hard. This is not the time to rest on your laurels as others depend upon you. Check in on the relationships in your life. You may need to make some extra time for someone special to make sure they feel appreciated and loved. This is a moment of good fortune, allowing you to feel valued for all the hard work you put in.Rewards have already started flowing in. Don't be drawn into discussions about other people's problems or into conflict situations. You've got enough to deal with. This is not the time for thrills and adventures, no matter how exciting the friends who suggest them. Avoid getting mired down in stress at work. Pressure remains but you have the tools to deal with it. You make real gains now and can expect a rise in status and prestige. Recognize your own true worth and rely on your own resources.