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Taurus This Week's Prediction

Weighty decisions require your attention. Your input is needed at business meetings or litigation. A sale or purchase may be in the offing. It is time to tie up arrangements, perhaps even in a relationship. If not already committed, marriage is a possibility now. You may find yourself facing a monetary setback, perhaps as a result of a recent accident. Continue to work hard in your daily routine. Your efforts are being observed and appreciated. Tune out gossip, especially from and about those who oppose you. Work to establish peace where it matters most--at home with those you love.You are always willing to lend a hand and now you are more than ever. Your sincerity and kindness endears you to others. Stability and keeping the peace are important to you now. Don't doubt that your valuable efforts with bring you success. You can look forward to greater income generation as your skill set is rewarded. Remain self confident and there will be limit to what you achieve now. Extra patience may be required of you now. That, coupled with continued effort, will bring you monetary and professional success.