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Virgo This Week's Prediction

Your daily grind is demanding now, requiring a lot of hard work from you. Keep at it and rest assured that your efforts will not go unnoticed. It would be wise too to consider enrolling in higher ed or in a training session to brush up on your skills. This would give you a leg up on the competition you presently face professionally. Avoid gossip, especially with those you don't full trust or who don't wish you well. Be attentive to pets, children, subordinates, really to anyone who depends on you. They may need extra care at the moment. It's time to wind up your to do list. This is an ideal moment to resolve utility bills, remove clutter and improve your job profile. Add a health check up to your list to ensure that it don't get neglected and that all medical issues get attended on time. Working skills and general health are a main focus right now. You are destined to take on some extra burdens. You are feeling concerned about the well being of family, dependents, colleagues. Take care of those dearest to you but don't lose sight of your own health. An overburdened schedule would not be helpful or healthy for you right now.