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Virgo This Week's Prediction

You have been hard at work recently, trying to acquire new skills and implement them well. The good news is that these efforts have been noted and appreciated. Enjoy the rewards you are now offered, in the form of a raise, promotion or bonus. Others may be envious, especially those in competition with you who do not wish you well. The best course of action is to simply continue to plug away at your daily routine. Keep in mind all those that are dependent on you and be cautious in your decision making. Prioritize well being, being careful to watch out for illness or injury.Your genius is at its best this week. You are feeling bright and positive. You are ready to spring up with innovative ideas and are excited to share them with those around you. Others enjoy conversations with you, as you are a capable listener. You are uniquely perceptive and suddenly the focus on the crowd. Personal happiness and future plans are on your mind right now. Your work may pull your in different directions but you will enjoy good company. Freely offer warmth and share of your true self to those around you.